About me - John Leech Wedding Photography

Photographing my first wedding was a life changing moment. I knew there was pressure and expectation, and didn't expect to enjoy the day at all. But to my surprise, I loved every minute of it!

My approach to wedding photography derives from my photographic roots in landscape photography. Observation, viewpoint and timing are the key elements in every shot. 

Wedding photography isn't easy, no matter how much I enjoy it. I find the pressure drives me on and keeps me alert, always looking for that extra something. Looking for what I call 'complete shots', the ones which at first glance could be put down to luck. These photographs are a complete story in themselves - you don't need to know the people personally to appreciate the photograph and the content leaves you with a feeling that you know exactly who they are. Take the photograph below as an example. I had no idea the guy on the right was going to jump in the air, or that he'd do it with such style! 

If you'd like to know more about me or check my availability to photograph your wedding, engagement or event, then please call +447581274352 or email john.leech@btconnect.com

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Photography has always been important to me. I've taken photos since I was at junior school, developing and printing black and white photos with my Dad in a make shift darkroom in a large cupboard at the top of the stairs in an old victorian house in North Yorkshire. Through my art college education I took every photographic options available to me, and since graduating in Graphic Design and setting up my own graphics company I have continued to take photographs. 

Landscape photography has become a person passion. I live in an old Edwardian house overlooking Morecambe Bay. The panoramic view from the upper windows has been a constant inspiration to me and  photographing this in all weather has broadened my photographic knowledge. The ever changing light, tides and channels have helped me develop my sense of observation and what makes a good subject. From September through to March the dawn light has me running from my bed to the window, often taking several images before breakfast. In 2012 I published a book of my Morecambe Bay photographs, all taken from inside our house.  

I also love to travel throughout the UK and Europe, taking photographs and creating watercolour paintings wherever I go. Some of my work is shown on this site in the personal project folder.

Below: Fiddlers Ferry Power Station at Widness, commended in the Sony World Photographic Awards

Fiddlers Ferry power station, Widness